Tax increases will drive educated young professionals out of Maryland

Congratulations to the Democrats in Annapolis: You have just made Maryland an even more unattractive place for young, successful professionals to live.

Lawmakers seem completely oblivious to the everyday conversations young, educated professionals in the DC area are having in which they ask one another: "Why would anyone ever move to Maryland to live? The taxes are so high!"

Many of us are in the income levels we are in because we have heavy student loan debt from graduate school; a high income level by no means makes one rich. My wife and I currently live and work inside the Washington Beltway in Maryland, and we are blessed to be in the income range being targeted for tax increases.

However, it is clear that Maryland only wants to punish our success. Our lease is up next spring and we have already started to look for housing in Northern Virginia — a place I am sure will see an influx of "wealthy" Marylanders of all ages who currently live and work in Maryland.

Sebastian E. Kurian II, Bethesda

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