Iran won't change its ways no matter how much pressure is applied

While any sane person hopes that war with Iran can be avoided, The Sun's plan for averting such a conflict is misguided ("Nuclear saber-rattling," Jan. 6).

The plan is unethical because it asks the U.S. to betray its own democratic ideals by recognizing the legitimacy of a fundamentalist regime ruled autocratically by clerics who systematically violate the human rights of their own citizens.

The plan is dangerous because by committing the U.S. to work to create a nuclear-free Mideast, it threatens to undermineIsrael'spurely defensive nuclear weapons program, which is essential to the security it needs in a hostile region.

The plan is delusional because it expects Iran to abandon policies like supporting terrorists, arming the Taliban, threatening Israel and pursuing nuclear weapons which are based upon deeply held, theological views about Islam, Iran and the West.

Finally, the plan is inaccurate because it claims that the major obstacle to an accommodation between the U.S. and Iran is the "history of mutual hostility" between the two countries, thereby suggesting some degree of American culpability.

In fact, the current crisis is solely the result of the destructive course adopted by the mullahs and their enablers, and they alone can opt to end it.

Jay Bernstein, Baltimore

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