Cal Thomas column trashes immigrants' rights

Religious Right pundit Cal Thomas wants to limit the right to vote for the first 10 years of newly minted citizens ("Immigration deformed," May 4). This is his way of addressing the electoral imbalance created by the obvious reluctance of new Americans to vote for Mr. Thomas' political party, which is still asking immigrants to "self-deport."

What an appalling ignorance this shows of American history regarding the franchise. There were times past in which blacks, women and even Native Americans were denied the right to vote.

Mr. Thomas' views are a blight on the aspirations of any functional democracy. The fact that he advocates that immigrant supporters waive the voting rights of new Americans who have jumped through considerable hoops to achieve citizenship shows what lying cant is put forward by much of the Republican Party and the Christian Right suggesting that they love legal immigrants, but not illegal ones. They can't have it both ways.

Worse yet, Mr. Thomas has effectively denied his own faith, which teaches that immigrants should be treated kindly. Mr. Thomas is always willing to hit people over the head with his Bible; he should take some of his own medicine in return.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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