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Why do county councilmen get cars at taxpayers' expense?

Regarding the recent arrest of Baltimore County Councilman Todd Huff on DUI charges, why does a part-time councilman warrant an automobile at the people's expense ("After arrest, Huff to give up county car," Feb. 26)?

And why did it have to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee at a likely cost of over $30,000? Do county councilmen also get free fuel, maintenance and insurance? And why was Mr. Huff even driving this vehicle in the early morning hours?

It seems to me that if councilmen are in such need of vehicles at taxpayers' expense they should at least confine their use of them to county business.

Perhaps the council meeting was a long one the night Mr. Huff was stopped with a blood-alcohol level of .20. At least they don't get the county police to chauffeur them. Or do they?

Warren Updike, Towson

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