Sheriff's refusal to enforce gun law is a victory for the people

Given what's been going on in Washington, it's good to see the sheriffs of three Maryland counties standing up for the rights of their citizens ("Sheriff won't enforce gun law," June 6).

The framers of the Constitution would be proud of these men for using the powers they were given by that document and by their constituents to protect them from tyrants in Annapolis.

Gregory M. Shipley, the state police spokesmen, says that Maryland state troopers will enforce the law throughout the state regardless of the sheriffs' opposition.

Mr. Shipley should reread the Constitution, because the sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the county in which he resides, and he answers to the people of his county, not the governor or the state police commissioner. Chalk one up for the people.

Gov. Martin O'Malley and the state legislators, especially Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Bush, have become tyrants who have taken over Maryland. They have been able to do this despite the wishes of 21 of the 24 counties. We need our county sheriffs now more than ever to help us take back our state.

Maybe I'll move to Garrett County. Sounds like a safe place to live. Thank you, Sheriff Corley.

John Armstrong, Lutherville

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