Christians against gun violence

As Christians concerned about the level of gun violence in our city, we can no longer sit in silence. Our community grieves the deaths of new victims of gun violence every week. It is time to act.

We urge our neighbors to speak out loud and clear in support of Maryland House Bill 294, the Firearm Safety Act. This bill must continue to include the fingerprinting and licensing of handgun purchasers in order to reduce "straw purchases" of guns in our state.

Now is the time to call your Maryland delegates. This is one action every citizen can take to increase safety on our streets.

Deborah McEachran, Nelson Tharp, David Callahan, Virginia Callahan, Suzanne Jewell, Elaine McDowell, Mildred Kreider, David Pollitt, Judy Rhoades, Colette Curtis and Dick Fairbanks

The writers live in Baltimore City and Catonsville.

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