Hey, I'm from Baltimore and I'm running for governor too

Two points stand out in your recent editorial about the 2014 gubernatorial race, one glaringly wrong, the other correct ("It's not over yet," May 31).

The error occurs in your statement that "Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger is toying with a run for governor; he would be the only Baltimore-area candidate in the Democratic primary."

However, there is another candidate running in the Democratic primary, and he lives in Pikesville. That candidate's name is Ralph Jaffe, yours truly. And the last time I checked Pikesville was in the Baltimore area.

You were in the right when you stated that "this race should be about more than geography, demographics, fundraising and party affiliation. It should be a contest of who has the best ideas for Maryland."

What our state does not need are candidates who give lip service to ethics but whose actions demonstrate values of another kind.

Ralph Jaffe, Pikesville

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