Democrats: The "what's in it for me?" party

I feel compelled to respond to the Democrats' continual gloating and condescension concerning the 2012 election typified by Raymond Hoff's recent letter to the editor ("Republicans make themselves easy to beat," Nov. 24).

Perhaps if would be more useful to focus not on why Republicans lost, but why Democrats won. One illustrative fact is that while President Barack Obama won slightly more than 50 percent of the popular vote, 62 percent of people interviewed in exit polls stated that the country was on the wrong track.

Clearly, single-issue voters — much more prevalent in the Democratic Party than the GOP — decided this election. This speaks to the different views of the role of government by the two parties: As a guarantor of rights and freedoms for Republicans, as a provider of services by the Democrats.

Or, to put it more bluntly, Republicans would be more likely to ask "what is good for the country?" while Democrats would ask "what is good for me?"

Frederick J. Frevert, Westminster

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