Chickenomics: A winning GOP strategy?

How can Republicans believe it is legitimate to blackmail the country into accepting the same extreme agenda that the American people rejected at the ballot box in November?

The Republican Party is threatening to shut down the federal government again over raising the debt ceiling in yet another game of "chicken." This could seriously damage the economy.

The last time they played this game, 2011, Republicans sabotaged confidence in the U.S. economy and were responsible for the downgrade in our credit rating, effectively strangling the economic recovery.

Raising the debit ceiling used to be a routine formality, by voice vote. Since Congress passed the legislation authorizing the government to spend money, Congress should raise the debt ceiling to pay for it.

Elections do have consequences. A majority of Americans want the Republicans in Congress to govern with President Obama and stop threatening to sabotage the economy in order to protect the wealthiest 2 percent.

Richard L. Ottenheimer, Pikesville

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