Nice to read about such generosity

The front page of The Sun recently reminded me that there are individuals who still practice "good will." The Baltimore County couple, Stephanie and Edwin Greenberg, are volunteers who helped a badly injured Marine fly to Miami on a chartered jet ("Glyndon couple helps an injured warrior take flight," Dec. 22). This was achieved via the Veterans Airlift Command that offers service to very badly injured military personnel who would find it nearly impossible to fly on commercial flights.

A second story on the same page told of a gift from former Anne Arundel County Executive Robert Pascal who donated to the state of Maryland a permanent easement on 9,200 acres of land that will be available to individuals and groups on a limited basis ("Ex-wildlife sanctuary on Shore to be preserved"). No homes can ever be built on this land that is located along the shores of the Choptank River in Dorchester County.

It would be nice to read more positive stories in the remaining days of a somewhat tumultuous year.

Bill Huppert, Perry Hall

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