Councilman Olszewski condescends to his constituents

The March 18 Baltimore County Council meeting was an excellent example of the current disconnect between politicians and the people they represent. The council chamber was packed with residents of Dundalk speaking out against the proposed sale of the North Point Government Center, which includes a 27.5 acre park.

Residents spoke of the park as a focal point of their community life, and an eighth-grader and a high school student were especially eloquent in their pleas to keep a community center that had contributed so much to their lives.

Yet their representative, Councilman John A. Olszewski Sr. of District 7, was condescending in his response. He reassured residents that their July 4 fireworks displays would continue, and that their interests would be protected. Residents clearly did not believe him or trust him to act in the best interests of the community as a whole.

Dundalk is a community under stress. When plans are made to revitalize the community, we must be careful to keep the good things in the community that bring neighborhood people together. The cure should not be worse than the disease.

Mary "Sherry" Locke, Ruxton

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