Don't like Md.'s one-party rule? Blame the GOP

In response to Page Croyder's article on one-party rule having evil consequences for the state of Maryland ("One-party rule in Maryland exacerbates jail scandal," May 10), that sounds like a condemnation of the Republican Party's failure to present an agenda that would promote cross-party votes.

True, Gov. Martin O'Malley's political ambitions have caused him to become myopic and hopefully he will come to his senses and realize he doesn't stand much of a chance for president because of this scandal (and other issues). Glib words will not help him.

What occurred at the Baltimore City Detention Center isn't new; other prisons have been "run" by inmates. Look at the ratio of guards to prisoners. Certain prisoners have always been allowed to have some "privileges" in order to keep control in these facilities. Of course "when there's no lid on the pot, it will boil over.

Pat Ragin, Nottingham

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