Admit Coppin State University is a failed institution and close it

Your article on Coppin State University's new science building truly boggles the mind ("Science center may help Coppin close the gap," May 3).

The state is spending $80 million for a building the university admits it does not have sufficient funds to operate or maintain. That is a staggering admission.

May I suggest one of two other possibilities for that $80 million. For a four-year university with a six-year graduation rate of 15 percent — one of the lowest in the country — how about requiring higher academic standards?

Only if Coppin can bring its graduation rate up to at least 50 percent after four years, and maintain it at that level for three years, should funds be available for a new building.

Better yet, instead of handing Coppin $80 million for new buildings, close it and use the money to help develop our other schools, such as Morgan State University, Towson University and the University of Baltimore. Transfer all of Coppin's students to functioning places of higher learning.

Why are we afraid to admit that Coppin is a failed institution at every level? Coppin is a stain on the whole University System of Maryland. It is time to give its students a real opportunity to obtain a truly significant college degree.

Gary Bohlke, Baltimore

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