Comcast socks it to us — again

Was glad to see The Sun article drawing attention to Comcast charging for digital adapters ("Comcast starts charging monthly fee for digital adapters," May 5). I called Comcast when this appeared on my bill because I have two Comcast adapters on old TV's in rooms where they are seldom, if ever, used. I got them at the time of the changeover to digital and gave away my free government-subsidized converters because I thought I didn't need them.

I guess this senior citizen has gotten you-know-whated again. My choices now seem to be to either to pay more to Comcast every month or stand in line forever at an inconvenient Comcast store to return them (and tell any guests that I am sorry that there is no functioning TV in their room). Will it never end?

Judy Rhoades, Catonsville

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