Jail scandal and 'slacker' leadership

In response to the detention center scandal in Baltimore, it's not hard to understand who runs the jail. It is clearly known who runs Baltimore and who runs Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. This misleading authority of slackers who hold titles should be in jail themselves.

President Barack Obama can testify to what advantages can be taken today. Slackers are voted in by their peers or hired by their family and a loss takes place that the rest of Maryland clearly sees every day. Is it a wonder any system in Baltimore will inevitably fail.

The people in Baltimore are not best protected by these slackers and must somehow be challenged by the sleeping majority of Marylanders who have intelligence to make better changes in our major cities and our government.

Is it possible that the Baltimore Detention Center is an example of the prisons operating throughout America? Prisons are designed to lower the danger to society. They are designed to rehabilitate some of the prisoners and greatly restrict the rest.

I hope the IRS doesn't target me next for speaking out!

Ed Taylor, North East

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