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The Catholic Church isn't playing politics

In his letter ("If the church wants to play politics, it should give up its tax-exempt status" July 6), the author seems to have a problem with the Catholic Church's right to express opinions on religious matters. The church does not endorse political candidates or promote political causes. If it were politically active, it would have strongly advised people to vote against President Barack Obama, who is a powerful advocate for all forms of abortion. Nor, would the church have allowed his commencement speech at a Catholic University. The referendum drive that enabled Marylanders to vote on gay marriage was run by private citizens and not by the church.

The Catholic Church does provide insight into moral and ethical questions. The church cannot change centuries old church rules just to get good press in our permissive society. The Catholic Church believes marriage is between a man and a women and abortion is wrong. It should not be silenced.

We have seen many politicians such as Bill Clinton and our current president using churches to advance their agendas. I do believe that we should stop the practice of politicians speaking from the pulpits of any church. Having a politician from either party speaking in a church demeans that church.

The Catholic Church provides schools that accept children regardless of their religious beliefs and saves Baltimore City the cost of their education. The church also provides hospitals that provide services for Baltimore residents. If anyone wants to remove their tax-exempt status, they will then pay for the services that the church has been providing for the city.

Stanley Glinka, Ellicott City

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