Chesapeake Bay, the rain tax and the faith community

In Kevin Philpy's recent commentary ("Taking care of God's Chesapeake Bay," June 19), he laid out the faith basis for stormwater fees and the responsibilities congregations share with fellow neighbors and landowners to clean up pollution generated by our parking lots, roofs and other impervious surfaces. In addition to the national faith groups Mr. Philpy named who are dedicated to caring for the earth, we would like to add ours, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC).

IPC is a Chesapeake Bay watershed-wide nonprofit that helps faith communities become better stewards of all natural life systems within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Through our partnerships with congregations and faith leaders of many denominations, we help our religious communities articulate and embrace the theological imperative for tending to the earth. This includes helping our faith institutions navigate our responsibilities as landowners within the watershed.

Jodi Rose, Annapolis

The writer is interim director for Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (formerly Chesapeake Covenant Community).

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