Carson offers others a lesson

I have followed Dr. Ben Carson's accomplishments over the years and watched as he has saved lives. In the quiet of an operating room, he saved children's lives with no regard of race, creed or gender. If it was any one of these people's children he saved, would they be barking about him right now ("Dr. Ben Carson steps down as speaker at Hopkins graduation," April 11)? Or would they stand up for him because he believes in something they don't?

Dr. Carson says what he believes in. I never heard him say everyone else must believe in it also. That graduating class and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine should be ashamed of themselves because they are the ones who are going to suffer for this.

They could all learn a great lesson from this man about being your own person. Have your own views and don't be afraid to speak them. Don't we live in a country of free speech? God bless this man!

Judy V., Forest Hill

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