Why can't Rodricks see the world through conservative eyes?

It was appalling to see columnist Dan Rodricks criticize Dr. Ben Carson for flirting with Republican politics ("Ben Carson's biblically based conservatism," March 31).

I wish Mr. Rodricks wouldn't always look at the world through the prism of liberalism but be open-minded enough to also see things through the eyes of conservatives.

What's wrong with Dr. Carson dabbling in Republican politics? Rush Limbaugh's conservative, common-sense ideas could help liberals like Mr. Rodricks to understand what made this country great.

Today, the U.S. is broke both fiscally and morally. Over the past four years, liberal Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama have turned this country into a welfare state. Yet there is no criticism about the liberal leadership by Mr. Rodricks.

For example, Mr. Rodricks and the liberal media did not criticize Mr. Obama for being AWOL for seven and a half hours during the Benghazi crisis, when four brave Americans were killed. No help came to those brave Americans.

Dr. Carson does not think the way liberals like Mr. Rodricks think. He is for less government and more economic growth. He has clearly indicated that marriage is between a man and a woman not between two people of the same sex. All the major religions of the world reject same sex marriage.

And Dr. Carson is correct in saying that the Dr. Spock generation missed out on how to be good parents. There are times when there are benefits to spanking a 2 year-old, but Mr. Rodricks' skewed argument makes it seems as if Dr. Carson is endorsing corporeal punishment. Spanking teaches 2-year-olds right from wrong at an early age.

Mr. Rodricks accuses Dr. Carson of holding antiquated beliefs. But conservatism is never antiquated. Who is Mr. Rodricks to say that a brilliant surgeon like Dr. Carson can't be in politics? Five of the Founding Fathers who signed our Declaration of Independence were doctors. What a shame Mr. Rodricks seems unaware of that American history.

Bharat B. Agrawal, Mt. Airy

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