Bombing another example of failed leadership

It appears that federal, state and local governments have forgotten that the only reason we have government is to protect the population ("In Boston, sifting through fragments for bomb clues," April 17).

Once again, our elected and appointed officials have shown that they can not provide our basic needs and are unqualified to protect America — although they spend our tax dollars on things that they think are important. It has been seven months since we lost four Americans in Benghazi, and it has been several years since Fast and Furious, and no one has been held accountable in either case. During our last election, we were told that terrorism was on the run, our tax dollars are spent on aid to countries that hate us, and that we spend millions of tax dollars to support green companies that go belly up.

In Boston, there were hundreds of policemen to provide safety for the runners and the public, but they failed to stop this bombing. Yet they want to take guns from honest Americans. I hope that in upcoming elections Americans start voting for the best qualified candidates and not for the best speech makers. We need more doers, not more promise makers.

Joe Heming

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