Media must cover Benghazi like Boston

What a terrific example of cooperation of how the police agencies, the national and local press, and the public's help all combined to locate the two persons identified as the terrorists responsible for the Boston bombing within about 24 hours of posting their pictures on television ("Boston prays for its victims," April 22). There is no doubt that the news media's 24/7 attention on the bombing helped find these terrorists quickly. Our founding fathers would be proud.

But compare the news media actions in the Boston bombing with their reporting efforts about the persons responsible for the terrorists killing the four brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya. There was never the 24/7 news coverage like what occurred in the Boston bombing. Why?

It has been over seven months and nothing has happened to find out who was responsible and why the Obama administration seemed to do nothing to protect these American heroes at their time of need. The news media's response to the Boston bombing clearly illustrates how news coverage can have a positive impact on the results. Hopefully, the media will now use the same reporting techniques and ask hard questions to the Obama administration on the Benghazi bombing. The murdered men, their families and all Americans are waiting for answers.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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