Missing Blue Angels? Blame Obama

In her column ("An Annapolis tradition, grounded," May 13), Susan Reimer writes that Congress should be ashamed that because of sequestration the Blue Angels will skip the U.S. Naval Academy graduation this year.

Really? How about President Barack Obama, shouldn't he be ashamed? After all, sequestration was his idea, and Congress wanted to give him the power to decide where the cuts would take place, which Mr. Obama refused to do. Lets see, if the president agreed to that it would have required him to take responsibility for one of his polices, which he never does.

So far, Mr. Obama's punishment of the American people continues in the name of sequestration. The airports were slowed down (the fault of Congress), hardened criminals have been released in Texas, Arizona and elsewhere (the fault of a retiring official). Of course, if that would've happened in Maryland no one would've noticed because under the leadership of liberal Gov. Martin O'Malley (who takes no responsibility for his actions, including raising every tax known to mankind or creating new taxes) the prisoners have been running the correction system since 2006.

White House tours were canceled (the fault of the Secret Service) and now the Blue Angels can't do a fly-over at the Naval Academy graduation. Enough already! The truth is Congress wouldn't allow this president to raise taxes on the American people yet again, so in response President Obama punishes the very people who put him in office. Wake-up, Ms. Reimer! Start holding elected officials, liberal or conservative, accountable for their decisions.

In your column, you suggest hiring a clown for the Naval Academy graduation. If I'm not mistaken, all of you liberal voters did that back in November of 2012.

James Miller, Parkville

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