Americans who died in Libya deserve a thorough investigation of what went wrong

President Barack Obama justified targeted drone assassinations outside of U.S. war zones; where was his nerve when the American consulate in Libya was under attack last year on Sept. 11 ("U.S. diplomat details attack in Benghazi," May 9)?

President Obama was inexplicably MIA. No one in the press is demanding answers to that bizarre episode. Apparently, President Obama essentially abandoned our ambassador and soldiers.

To add insult to injury, President Obama failed to send troops or investigators into Benghazi immediately to recover the bodies. Mr. Obama refused to call the attack on the consulate in Libya a terrorist attack.

I called the Democratic headquarters in Chestertown on Election Day. I begged constituents to cast their vote for Mr. Obama, as I did. I believed in someone who apparently was more concerned with the polls than the lives of four Americans and the truth.

We are one nation, under God. Not red, not blue. Red, white and blue. We are red-hot-blooded Americans when called to put up a fight to defend home and country.

Those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Libya deserve a full investigation and explanation regarding what went wrong. No posturing, no spin.

The time has come to turn the tide and remember that what is critical to every public official is honor and ethical conduct. The end never justifies the means.

V.W. Kerr, Chestertown

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