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Benghazi victims deserve answers [Letter]

I find it hard to believe no one in the military, the U.S. State Department or the White House was aware with what was going in Benghazi. It's either an out right cover-up due to some political expediency or outright incompetence. Therefore, I don't think this is something that anyone can say, "What difference does it make?" as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress. It makes a world of difference to the families who lost their brave sons and it make a world of difference to our American image and the honor of our military that has always advocated that Americans service men never abandon a fallen soldier or foreign diplomats in harm's way.

If those who died in the attack had been the sons or daughters of some of our government's high ranking military leaders, State Department leaders or White House leaders, I am sure there would have been an outpouring of protest, a mega outcry for accountability and justice, as it should be.

So let the GOP panel that has investigated the incident and any brave Democratic supporter who has the courage to take a stand and join with his or her fellow patriotic Americans and together call for absolute responsibility and accountability on Benghazi. Loyalty to the men and women in the service of our nation deserves its "social justice," too.

United we stand and divided we fall. Otherwise, if we don't have the backs of our own people, how will any of our allies ever trust us to have theirs?

Barbara A. Bloom, Owings Mills

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