Smug, politically correct views lead the media to criticize Dr. Carson

Dan Rodricks scoffs at Dr. Ben Carson using his professional prominence to tout his political and social views ("Ben Carson's biblically based conservatism," March 31).

But plenty of movie stars and Broadway actors self-appoint themselves as spokespersons for various causes, and the media fall all over themselves to help them trumpet their messages. That's because the media usually approve of those messages.

Dr. Carson's line of work and accomplishments grant him far more stature than any Hollywood lightweight living in a fantasy world. Some of Dr. Carson's views may be relics of another era, but he is someone who has contributed to society, and his remarks are refreshing to readers weary of The Sun's smug editorial slant.

Could the media be disenchanted with Dr. Carson because he comes across as a Reagan conservative?

So what if Ben Carson invokes the Bible? Why is that such a threat to the American left? I seldom read it, but everyone knows it offers timeless common sense and shrewd perspectives.

Also, a little corporal punishment for kids who need it — either at home or in school — isn't so awful. I remember it restoring order in schools that I attended, and because of its effectiveness, it didn't have to be used often, either.

John Burke, Towson

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