Best free wi-fi off-campus The Evergreen Cafe accepts your student ID, which allows you to purchase their food through Loyola. Since it's only a short walk up from Loyola's campus, you'll often find students in there snacking and using the wi-fi. Best hidden gem near school The neighborhood of Hampden has great restaurants to go to, and it's very close to Loyola's campus. There are plenty of small shops and restaurants such as Rocket to Venus and Holy Frijoles. What surprised me most about Baltimore How nice the city is. Fells Point, Canton and Federal Hill are such great places to go out, get food, or shop during the day. Best on-campus event The best events during the year are the lacrosse games. Our men's lacrosse team won the championship at the beginning of this summer. It was great to see the spirit and excitement all over the campus during the lacrosse season. Where to go on the weekends I like to go to the shops, restaurants and bars downtown. Venues such as The 8x10 and Rams Head Live regularly have great shows. What I wish someone had told me when I was a freshman How fun and entertaining downtown Baltimore can be; to pay a taxi cab a flat rate versus running the meter; and to get involved in clubs and activites on campus -- a great way to meet new people and make friends. Must-take class at Loyola Being a psychology major I mainly find those courses to be the best courses at Loyola. Psychopathology was extremely interesting and my professor, Anthony Parente, was a great teacher. Best on-campus event Loyola hosts Loyola Palooza every year, which has bands, free food, and a few carnival rides. It is a great event held on the quad. Most students attend so it's fun to go and hang out with everyone during the day. --By Emily O'Brien, junior, psychology major
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