Great Baltimore cocktails, The Machadomosa at No Idea Tavern

In case you didn't notice, it's summer already. Which means it's high time to start scrambling to find the coldest, most refreshing drinks that Baltimore has to offer in an effort to stave off the oppressive, sweltering mugginess that our region just loves to throw at us.

Not only that but the Baltimore Orioles just so happen to be in second place in the AL East, and you're in the market to experience some Orioles Magic in liquid form. While essentially every bar in the area may have an Orioles-themed shot or beverage, No Idea Tavern has concocted one of the more unusual team tribute drinks out there that'll quench your undying thirst — the Machadomosa.

Yes, that's right, a Manny Machado tribute Mimosa. Typically a brunch drink, the Mimosa seems like an improbable choice for being exceedingly refreshing or team spirit-y. But the Machadomosa has one important distinction — it's a slushie.

The Machadomosa is made in a magical frozen drink machine with Freixenet Brut champagne, Stolichnaya vodka and blended with orange juice to form a brain freeze-inducing, lip-smackingly delicious and deceptively strong frozen drink. It's everything you want in a Mimosa, but even colder and dangerously addictive.

I can honestly say I'd never even thought of a Mimosa as an option for a frozen drink, but the Machadomosa pulls the effect off flawlessly. Plus it has the added bonus of being named after one hell of an Oriole, even though he's not even old enough to drink his namesake cocktail just yet (at least, until July 6).

Owner Jason Zink adds, "I've seen Orioles-themed drinks all over the place but I think we're the only ones that combine that with slushies and brunch." Well good on you, Jason Zink and No Idea Tavern. May we all enjoy a bit of Orioles Magic with our French toast for a good long time to come.

Just don't try this with Bloody Marys. That would probably be pretty gross.

How to make the Machadomosa

3 oz orange juice

1 1/2 oz. Stolichnaya vodka

Freixenet Brut to taste

1-2 cups ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender, pulse on low until ice is crushed, then run on high until smooth or to desired consistency. Garnish with orange slice.

Where to get the Machadomosa

No Idea Tavern

1649 S. Hanover St., Federal Hill


$4, $9 bottomless 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday

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