5. Omar DuPree, Alexander's Tavern

Age: 29 From: Canton Bartending experience: Six years; four at Alexander's Tavern (710 S. Broadway; alexanderstavern.com) What makes a good bartender? A good bartender is someone that is attentive, personable, fast, efficient, a great salesman, charismatic, understanding, funny, intelligent, patient and easygoing. You have to be a person that can handle people at their worst and at their best. You have to be a therapist, a best friend, an authoritarian, a baby sitter, a psychologist and ultimately a human being. Weirdest drink request you've ever received? Smash Bomb. The drink was made up by a buddy of mine and one of his friends, and consists of a shot of cherry vodka and a shot of Jagermeister together in an eight-ounce glass topped off with half a glass of Red Bull. It sounds as nasty as it tastes -- trust me. The best way to get your attention at the bar? Be patient and polite. I respond to people who are not overly anxious and rude. The worst way to get your attention at the bar? Holding money or a credit card in your hand and waving at me or walking up and interrupting the conversation that I am having with another customer. If you could make one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be? A dirty martini. I respect the acquired taste that one has to develop to appreciate a good dirty martini. The most rewarding part of your job? Besides the money, of course, it would actually happen to be the people that I have met during my time behind the bar. Your favorite place to get a drink (other than your own bar)? The Wharf Rat in Fells Point and Dougherty's in Mount Vernon. Describe Baltimore's bar scene in one word. Bottomless.
Jazmine Johnson / Baltimore Sun
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