With all due respect, Rex Ryan needs to stifle himself

The Baltimore Sun

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was probably just sticking up for the Ravens when he popped off this week about the scheduling conflict that forced them to play their season opener in Denver on Sept. 5, but he ought to listen to himself some time.

The notion that the Orioles should have just given the Chicago White Sox an extra home game to accommodate the Ravens is borderline imbecilic (if that's even a word). But the most offensive thing about his comments was the tone of it, which all but confirmed that the NFL believes that all inferior sports leagues should bend their knees to it.

The last time I looked, the Orioles franchise had an obligation to its players and fans to do everything possible to facilitate the team's attempt to return to the playoffs.

The idea, promoted by Ryan and others who wanted to make sure NBC got great ratings for the season opener, that the baseball team's games are less important than the football team's because there are more of them is simply ludicrous. Ryan might want to look back to last September to see how one game could have knocked the Orioles out of the postseason.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter showed great restraint in telling reporters that Ryan should simply stick to the game he knows something about. He should have told him to remove his head from the place that a lot of Jets fans thought it was for most of the last two seasons.

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