Warmth winner

The winner of this week's Reader SunShots theme "Warmth" is Brenda Metcalf for her photo "Rainbow in the Mist." The photo was taken near the Havre de Grace lighthouse in September with a Nikon D7000 and Tamron 17-50 lens. The final image was converted to HDR (High Dynamic Range) in Photomatix. "It was a warm morning and the mist and fog just created this mood that I really wanted to capture," Metcalf writes. "I find that if you process it without going over the top, you can create an image that you actually see with your eye. If I were to just expose for the sailboat, the sky would have been blown out and wouldn't have that little hint of rainbow."Sun senior photo editor Jerry Jackson's critique: "HDR processing can be overdone, often rendering an image that is beyond reality. In this case, the photographer did a nice job keeping the effect subtle."
Credit: Brenda Metcalf
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