Tuesday's menu: Caveman diet, January detox and the year of the meatball

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Welcome to the Year of the Meatball. I was going to predict it here first, but apparently other media have already predicted it. Still - meatballs. In other food items, a few restaurants around town are going on Janauary vacation. So civilized. Also, your new regimen might not be so smart.

Your January liquor detox is a thoroughly futile exercise, as far as liver health goes, according to a British non-profit promoting liver health. You'd be much better off, liver-wise, simply not drinking so much the whole year round. (BBC News)

Don't Eat Like a Caveman, Food Safety News says in this debunking of the so-called paleo, or caveman, diet, which proscribes, along with usual suspects like sugar and dairy, things like legumes and grains. The paleo diet is not backed up by scientific research, the says the article, which recommends "a whole foods, plant-based diet (that) includes liberal quantities of vegetables, fruit and legumes, hearty amounts of whole grains, nuts and seeds, and sparing amounts of dairy, eggs, seafood, meat and refined sugar.

Eat more plants says Mark Bittman in the New York Times (No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem). Bittman recommends something he's calling "semi-veganism," and he's given some recipes to nudge readers into it.

In very big restaurant news out of Chicago, Charlie Trotter announced that he will close his namesake landmark restaurant at the end of August, just after the restaurant celebrates its 25th anniversary. Trotter made the announcement just after a New Year's Champagne toast at his restaurant, which is generally credited with having elevated the Chicago dining scene. Business has been fine, Trotter said. He just wants to pursue some other things, like study and travel. (Chicago Tribune)

Here's that NPR story on meatballs.

Back in Baltimore, a few restaurants are taking days, weeks and even solid months off.

Jack's Bistro is on vacation. The Canton restaurant will open on Thursday, Jan. 12

Mekong Delta is going on vacation from Jan. 15 through Feb. 15. So, you better get your fill of pho in the next two weeks.

Blue Hill Tavern in Canton is taking Tuesday night off.

Peter's Inn in Fells Point is taking Tuesday night off, too.

The Waterfront Kitchen is closed for kitchen renovations through Thursday.

Specials of the week:

Petit Louis is having a cellar raid. Dine there and get 50 percent off bottles of wine. That's through Thursday.

Also through Thursday, The Wine Market in Locust Point is offering 50 percent of wine by the glass.


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