Towson women to host One Love Weekend

The Baltimore Sun

Jackie LaMonica remembers how emotional it felt when she and her Towson women’s lacrosse teammates played Virginia in the Cavaliers' first game after their teammate Yeardley Love had been murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

The only current Tigers player in Charlottesville that day, LaMonica still carries the impression with her three years later, so she is a big proponent of the Tigers’ upcoming “One Love Weekend” to promote relationship violence awareness and sexual assault prevention.

“I think it’s really important to get the message out there about what could happen,” the Hereford graduate said. ”It’s something that I never really thought about it and it does happen. It’s important to make people aware that if they are going through something like that, they should speak out because this could be the result.”

With their “One Love Weekend," the Tigers will help get the word out -- that violence in a relationship is not acceptable and that help is available for victims -- with information distributed on the concourse level during games with William & Mary Friday tonight at 7 p.m. and Old Dominion Sunday at 1 p.m. at Johnny Unitas Stadium.

A percentage of profits from concession sales will be donated to the One Love Foundation, established by Yeardley’s mother Sharon Love and sister Lexie Love to try to prevent other such violent tragedies.

“You read about it happening in newspapers or you hear it on TV,” LaMonica said, “but you never think of it happening to a group of people that you relate yourself with like the lacrosse community. I’m from Baltimore, so that was the big jolt. There were a lot of people that I knew who directly knew who Yeardley was and they were devastated.”

For more information about the One Love Foundation and its mission to end relationship violence, click here.

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