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The Last Word with Sean Mosley

Coming out of St. Frances four years ago, Sean Mosley was the second-highest scorer in Marylandhigh school history with 2,933 points. Throughout his college career, fans kept waiting for Mosley to turn into a big scorer for the Terps.

It never happened, but a player who never averaged more than the 10.2 points he scored last season as a senior will still be remembered in College Park as a tough, durable one who often sacrificed his game – and his body – for the team.

Mosley, who recently graduated, is planning on going to a camp in Las Vegas where scouts for a number of European teams will be on hand. A 6-4, 210-pound shooting guard who was often asked to play inside for Maryland, Mosley is looking forward to continuing his basketball career.


Now that’s it been a couple of months since your career at Maryland concluded, do you look back with a lot of satisfaction for what you accomplished, or do you say 'I wish I could have done more.' How do you see your career?

I thought it was great. It was a great opportunity coming in as a freshman and starting for a Hall of Fame coach in Gary Williams. Getting into the NCAA tournament my first two years was probably the best thing I experienced in college. Winning games against teams like North Carolina and Duke at home was also a blessing. I definitely don’t regret anything. I wish I could have done some things better, but in basketball everything is not going to be on a straight path. I definitely appreciated everything I got from Coach Williams and Coach Turgeon.

Having played for one guy and then going to another, was it an easier transition than you thought it would be?

Coach Turgeon allowed me to open up to him early. Once he took the job, I sat down with him maybe the second week and we met for over an hour. It allowed him to grasp everything I was telling him about the guys on the team, and it made me understand how things were going to be different. He allowed me to open up to him. That was a huge thing for me being the senior and being the captain of the team.

Your dad and others thought you were too selfless at times and you could have been a more offensive player in college. Do you feel that way, or do you feel you did what was asked of you?

I tried to let the game come to me. I’m not going to shoot the ball every time I touched the ball. I want to play the game the right way. Not taking away from my game, in high school, things were kind of different. I shot the ball whenever I wanted to. In college, it was different. You really had to execute plays and make sure you’re doing everything you needed to do to help your team.

You had a lot of nagging injuries throughout college that might have kept other guys out of the lineup. How often would you say you were completely healthy during your career?

It’s kind of tough. It seemed like each season I had an injury. My senior year was probably the toughest. I was getting better, working out like three times a day, working on my ball handling and working on my shooting which helped me out throughout the season, but taking that month off really hurt me when I twisted my ankle last summer [and suffered torn ligaments]. I don’t like to have excuses for anything. I tried to rehab as quickly as possible and maybe take some days off from practice helped a little bit, but once you get out there playing games night after night, there’s a lot of wear and tear. I wasn’t 100 percent the whole season, but I gave it my all each and every day throughout the season.

I thought your shot looked better last season. Do you feel your shot is where you want it to be to take your game to the next level, to Europe or wherever you wind up playing?

One thing that helped me out this season was the confidence Coach Turgeon had in me. I’m not saying it was different than Coach Williams. I didn’t play too well my junior year, but having Coach Turgeon come in and give me the opportunity to step out and shoot the 3-ball and going on the perimeter more really helped me out. I might go overseas, I have to talk to my agent. Hopefully I go to Vegas for camp and go from there. Going overseas is definitely an option. I want to go somewhere and make a lot of money and play the game I love.

Would you like to coach someday?

That would definitely be something I could see myself doing, get out on the floor and coach some kids, but I’m not done playing.

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