'Survivor Caramoan' recap, 'Don't Say Anything About My Mom'

Back from Tribal Council, the audience and Eddie are wondering why he’s still here. He also realizes that with Andrea gone, he’s out of allies.

Never underestimate the power of your vote, Eddie. The Favorites alliance is disintegrating, and you’re the least of their worries. Eddie tells Cochran that he thinks they’ll get rid of him next (if Eddie isn’t an option) and a discussion between Dawn, Brenda, and Erik seems to confirm that.

Speaking of Erik, he’s pretty miserable. He calls it a ‘pretty prison’ and he’s starting to get a little loopy from hunger. He decides to pick the tallest coconut tree ever to climb, because he thinks that it’s mocking him. He also thinks that if falls and breaks his leg, no one will judge him for having to leave the game. That’s messed up.

Erik is despondent that he didn’t get any coconuts, but perhaps some product-placed Treemail will help. They get to watch video letters from home, which means that it must also be time from visitors from home. Everybody cries. Then they take a picture of themselves with the product-placed device, and are startled by how they look after this long without a mirror.

Reward Challenge time! Gee, what could the reward be? Just kidding, we all know that it’s visits from home. Brenda and her dad are super cute together, and they even make Jeff tear up. Everybody cries some more, and Cochran apologizes to his mom for smelling.

Now on to the challenge. Survivors are competing with their loved ones, and they have to unscrew rails, and then put them on a frame, and throw bolos at it.

Winners get to go on a boat and have an awesome barbecue with their loved one. Erik and his brother, being the youngest two, take an early lead. Good; Erik needs some food, pronto. Brenda and her dad are right behind them, and Cochran’s mom is just about as good at challenges as he is, which is to say, they both suck.

They all move onto the second part, and Erik and his brother fall behind. It’s between Brenda, Dawn, and Sherry, and Brenda and her dad win. She picks Dawn and her husband to go with them. Jeff also has a product-placed surprise, and everybody has a second loved one here. And then Jeff gives Brenda an absolutely horrible choice: choose for her and Brenda to have their barbecue, or everybody else and their second loved one gets to go instead. That sucks.

But Brenda’s playing for the long haul, so she chooses to give the reward to everyone else. Hopefully this helps her in the end, because it’s awful now, and Brenda and Dawn have to say goodbye to their loved ones while everyone else gets to visit.

When they get to the barbecue, Eddie’s mom is shocked at how much weight he’s lost, and Sherry loses it when she sees her son (it’s very touching). Cochran is surprised to see his rather cerebral neurologist dad manning the grill.

Brenda and Dawn watch everybody eating and visiting only 50 yards away. They all yell out their love to Brenda, and Dawn is just pissed off that she is missing out on the reward without getting any of the goodwill of giving the prize away. Dawn needs to get control of herself. She’s lost it like this, what, four or five times so far? Brenda talks her down a bit; Brenda seems pretty good at doing this.

Cochran realizes that Brenda being so nice has actually put a target on her back, but I don’t think any one of them have the gall to vote her out this week. Who knows with this show, though.

Immunity Challenge time! It’s another endurance challenge, this time balancing over the water, holding on to what looks like a waterskiing lead that is slowly being lowered, increasing the angle they are leaning over the water. The Survivors are standing with their hands behind them; that’s going to get uncomfortable real fast. To the surprise of no one, Cochran is the first one out. After 25 minutes, Erik and Eddie are struggling, while the women are holding steady. Soon after, Eddie and Erik are both out, followed shortly thereafter by Sherry.

So it’s just Dawn and Brenda, and Dawn tries to strike a deal that would give her immunity, since she hasn’t had it yet. Brenda, again, wants to fight it out to the end. She’s a competitive little thing, isnt’ she. I’m liking her more and more as this game goes on; she’s played well this season (did I just jinx her?) Perhaps, because she falls and Dawn wins immunity.

The consensus around camp seems to be that Eddie’s going home. Cochran would like to see Brenda go home tonight, and talks to Sherry about it. That’s a little evil, but it is just a game. Dawn realizes that Bredna is a real threat to win the whole thing, but Eddie can be a threat physically, so they need to figure out what would be the best choice.

Tribal Council time! Jeff points out that Eddie has been expecting to leave pretty much at every Tribal Council this season. Cochran points out that the easy vote (Eddie) isn’t always the smartest vote. Sherry calls Brenda a saint for giving up reward, so we’ll see if Sherry will still vote for her. Someone throws in a random vote for Erik, but it’s Brenda who is going home. Eddie looks shocked, Brenda does not.

OK, at this point, I hope Eddie wins it all after all of these shenanigans.

Next week: We’re getting down to the wire, and it looks like someone might be going home; also, the next episode is airing this Sunday.

Credits: Brenda gets cut off in the middle of her crying and rambling; I hope her family is still around and she gets to spend some time with them.

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