Sharan Nixon says she felt like the fictitious Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" when she finally spotted her bus. Nixon teamed up with Maryland Transit Association to wrap two buses with the logo for her event. "I was speechless," says the founder and director of Baltimore Fashion Week, a four-day event that spotlights models and designers from across the country. "I thought 'Oh My God! That's my event!'" Nixon then proceeded to run after the bus to snap a picture of it on her phone. "People were looking at me like I was crazy trying to catch the bus," she says with a laugh. Nixon says that one of the buses has been picking up passengers along the 23 line heading east along Eastern Avenue. A second smaller bus was recently spotted in Anne Arundel County. Find both buses along random bus routes throughout the region in the weeks leading up to Baltimore Fashion Week, which runs Aug. 18-21.
unknown, Baltimore Sun
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