Illness reports on social media sites spike in Indianapolis at Super Bowl

Maybe it was the influx of football-loving tourists in Indianapolis? Or maybe Indy itself was running itself ragged preparing for the Super Bowl between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots?

Whatever it was, this much is certain, according to Baltimore-based -- colds, ailments and other illnesses ran high in Indianapolis -- spiked, really -- when compared to a similar city during the same period. (Dayton, OH)

Sickweather blogged about its findings from reviewing online mentions of sickness in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl. Sickweather used its algorithm to filter public social media reports on Twitter and Facebook to track illness reports for words related to common cold, flu, fever, bronchitis, cough, etc.

Sickweather is a Baltimore startup co-founded by Graham Dodge, whom I interviewed last month in the Baltimore Sun's Business section. Check it out.


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