Mayo Shattuck and children at the Super Bowl

Exelon CEO Mayo Shattuck with children Spencer, Wyatt and Lillian.Says Mayo Shattuck: "It's awesome -- I guess everyone says that. We're lucky to have won one Super Bowl, it would be historic to win two. [The best part is] having the whole family and seeing a good portion of Baltimore on the streets. It's such a fun city." Adds wife Molly Shattuck, who was a cheerleader and then coached the Ravens cheer squad afterward: "This is the first time in eight years where I've come to a Ravens game when I'm not on the field. I have goosebumps, I just have goosebumps all over. You feel incredibly blessed because so few people get to experience that. It's an excitement that's indescribable."
Jean Marbella
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