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  • Bob Miller's bridge

    It inspired him, got him out of the coal mines, nearly killed him, gave him a future. Fifty years later, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is still as monumental in his life

  • Down and out in Vegas

    Amid the glitz and glamour, a Baltimore fighter realizes he's lost his lucky punch.

  • Down for count, he's still fighting

    Reggie Gross was a promising boxer in Baltimore in the '80s before his bout with drugs ended with three life sentences for murders he says he didn't commit.

  • A river in recovery

    Ken Pavol and his colleagues believed the polluted North Branch of the Potomac River could be saved. So they found ways to do just that.

  • Sobering emotions rule in Drug Court

    More family therapy than court, it rings with applause of success, but has tears for city's relapsed addicts, too.