The Foodie (or wannabe)

Pinterest is filled up with gorgeous shots of food and beverages. Some of these link to recipes one might actually try one night for dinner. Slow-cooker honey sesame chicken? Sure, why not? Others showcase recipes you'll file away with good intentions but -- please -- homemade pop-tarts? And finally, there are the dishes so over the top that they must exist only to leave your followers helplessly drooling onto their keyboards after you re-pin them. Thick, decadent cookie dough brownies. A towering four-layer cake edged with Kit-Kat bars and M&Ms. Baked potato grilled cheese sandwiches. The website's food personality seems split between disparate constituencies -- the high and the low. You have the Saveur crowd, thrilling over serious capital "C" cuisine. And then you have those with the slow-cookers, the ones looking for Betty Crocker-esque short-cuts. The secret to Panera's mac-and cheese. How to make pizza rolls with Ragu and refrigerated crust. Take a grape and pat goat cheese around it -- an appetizer!
David Cowles, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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