5. Gypsy Queen

443-717-2957, gypsyqueencafe.com, @thegypsytruck Gypsy Queen is one of Baltimore's most beloved food trucks. It even won a battle of Washington vs. Baltimore food trucks. The service is friendly, the truck easy to find and the menu far-reaching. Where else are you going to find a Flounder Po'Boy on the same menu as curried basil falafel and curried lamb cheesesteak? Credit cards: Yes Try this: Vegetarian food -- especially good vegetarian food -- can be tricky to find in a restaurant, let alone a food truck. Thankfully, Gypsy Queen has a handful of well-prepared veggie options, such as the Curried Chickpea tacos. For $7, you get two tacos stuffed with fresh-tasting chickpeas in a flavorful (but not fiery) curry sauce. Fresh cabbage gives them some crunch, and each taco had two soft tortillas, to help prevent spillage. How thoughtful is that?
Gabriella Demczuk, Baltimore Sun
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