Nolan Reimold is scheduling second epidural

The Baltimore Sun

Left fielder Nolan Reimold, who has been out since April 30 with a bulging disk in his neck, met with specialist Dr. Lee Riley again Monday and a second epidural shot has been scheduled for later this week, Reimold said.

He had the first one on May 11 and did not experience any significant progress. The shots are often given in three segments and he said he is “leaning toward just getting it and taking my chances” with the second injection.

“It didn’t work the first time. The doc thinks there’s a pretty good chance it won’t work again,” Reimold said. “But there’s always the chance that it will. I’ll just take my chances and do it again. See what happens.”

Reimold is experiencing pain in his left shoulder and numbness in his left forearm and thumb, which is being caused by the bulging disk. He is taking over-the-counter medication, which seems to alleviate the pain for short periods.

“There’s really small risks [with the epidural], but nothing that is significant. So it can only help,” he said. “There’s a lot better chance it would help with the pain than it would help with the weakness and the numbness, that sort of thing.”

Reimold said Riley is handling when the shot will occur. It takes three to five days for the shot to take effect. It probably would take at least two weeks after that before Reimold could expect to be back. The timetable, at this point, is uncertain, but mid-June seems like the best-case scenario for a return.

 It’s possible the only thing that will counter the numbness is time and rest, Reimold said. Meanwhile, he has been trying to work out a little.

“I got a nice traction table in [the trainers’ room], I do that a couple times a day. I started working out a few days ago,” he said. “Try to keep myself in the best shape I can so when I am able to come back I’m not too far gone, too far out of shape. So I do everything I can to keep myself going.”

Reimold hit .313 with five homers in 16 games before going on the disabled list.

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