NBC's Thursday Night Comedies: Halloween Edition

It's Halloween week on NBC so prepare yourself for ghost stories, parties, costume contests and secret web cams. 

"Community": After Brita grades the study group’s personality tests, she is convinced that one of them has an extreme (“like a Dorito” Thanks, Jeff) personality disorder and the only way to figure it out who is the always reliable “Tell a Ghost Story to Figure Out Who’s the Psycho” game. Abed tells a cliché 50’s horror movie plot and him and Annie kiss… awkward… Annie lets out a little bit of her inner freak in a forbidden love saga between Vampire Jeff and the Werewolf Annie. Troy follows up with my personal favorite, a Frankenstein-inspired tale in which him and Abed are joined together (YES!) and Pierce gets boobs and hands for feet (Yikes…) Pierce spells out a weird 70’s porno scene. Shirley’s is an uncomfortable good vs. evil scenario laced with conservative clichés. Finally, Jeff rounds out the ghost stories recounting Chang as a mass murderer, which is all too realistic. In the end, Brita realizes that she graded the test wrong and no one/anyone could be the psycho and the Troy-Abed Frankenstein sips on expensive brandy.

"Parks and Recreation": Everyone is throwing down in Pawnee this week. Andy and April throw a Halloween bash unbeknownst to Ben, who is now their housemate, while Tom and Entertainment 7/20 sponsors Leslie’s small business party, plastering his face onto nearly every inch of the room- “It’s always been a dream of mine to be on a rug, and now it’s happened.”  Yes, Tom, your entertainment 7/20 party is my dream come true as well. I would some day like to live in a world covered in Tom Haverford faces. I was expecting more from the Parks & Rec crew’s Halloween costumes, but Anne’s Eggplant did make me chuckle. I sensed some underlying sexual tension between both Leslie and Tom, and Ron and Anne, but I could just be misconstruing platonic bonding moments as I do on a regular basis.  Finally, I couldn’t be more jealous of Jerry’s daughter making out and grinding up on Chris Trager as Sherlock Holmes. Sigh, I’ve been hooked on Rob Lowe since The Outsiders.

"The Office": The Office always has some pretty solid costumes- my top three are the Three “Kings” (Kevin, Darrell, and a reluctant Jim sporting basketball jerseys), the skeleton crew as well as their glow-in-the-dark dance (Kelly, Gabe and Toby) and Whoopi Goldberg (unintentionally Dwight).  Erin’s awkwardness was even more evident than usual tonight as she tries to navigate a post-breakup friendship with Andy (who has a new girlfriend, perhaps rumored returning guest star Katherine Tate, yes please!)  My favorite awkward Erin attempt at small talk- “November sure is creeping up.  Can’t stop that month!”  Andy is STILL trying to earn Robert California’s approval (it’s getting old) so he tells Erin to spice up their G-rated party.  When she asks Gabe for help, he puts on the weirdest 30 seconds of video I have ever seen and now I’m convinced that he has a soundproof room in his basement. Finally, Erin suggests a game of Pecker Poker.  Could you ask for anything more?

"Whitney": I am still underwhelmed by Whitney. The most important part of the episode for me was when Whitney’s cop friend decided to hand out full-size candy bars to trick-or-treaters- bonus points for that.  The rest of the episode centers around a spy camera installed in Whitney’s apartment so that she could capture Alex using his condescending tone in their arguments.  Thank goodness Alex was there to stretch, wiggle and dance around their apartment after Whitney dries his jeans- “These are touching me in all the wrong areas.”  We also meet Alex’s brother find out that this condescending tone is genetic.


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