Memories of Morris Martick, an inimitable Baltimorean

The Baltimore Sun

Morris Martick, the inimitable Baltimore restaurateur, has died at 88.

Martick died of lung cancer early Friday at Union Memorial Hospital. Read Jacques Kelly's obituary.

We've started to hear from people who knew Morris Martick, or just about him.

We will collect comment, tributes and memories from Baltimore chefs, restaurateurs, friends and former employees here. We'll also add in Martickana from the Baltimore Sun archives.

What are your Martick memories? Please add your thoughts and reminiscences in the comments or in the Morris Martick Guest Book


(Martick) is the kind of person, obviously, whom you like the first moment you meet him and (if you're a newspaper man) want to write about the next moment. He is an original.

"Dining with John Dorsey; Interesting, Expensive," John Dorsey, The Sun, June 22, 1975

"If you vote for me, it serves you right," Mr. Martick said. "If you vote against me, it serves you right. And if I'm elected, it'll serve you right."

"Morris Martick, Avant Garde Bistro Owner, Enters House Race," Carl Schoettler, The Sun, Aug. 2, 1966

"The only thing I've never done is make a lot of money."

"Martick's: The French restaurant run by a man who's a Balimore institution," John Dorsey, The Sun, June 8, 1986

When asked about the shindig in his honor, (Martick) said, "They gave a party for me, and I did all the work."

"At Martick's, quirkiness is a good recipe for success," Rob Kasper, Rob Kasper, The Sun, Dec. 7, 1997

An absolutely unique Baltimore character. I was always so pleased when he would visit Petit Louis. His endorsement meant a lot to us.

Tony Foreman, restaurateur

Morris was the last of the breed. I am eternal grateful to have known him. He taught me how to cook. More important he taught me how to survive on my own terms. When discussing the nature of Art one day he told me, "I get out of bed in the morning, that's Art." I truly loved him.

Tom DiVenti, from a Facebook page for former employees of Martick's Restaurant Francais, with permission

I first went to Martick's in 1977, July. My father had a surprise bday party there. I remember thinking how utterly glamorous all of it was ... wooden statue, snakeskin wallpaper, etc. Enchanting for a eleven year old!! Morris was a character and over years (we) had some conversations, wanting Bud and me to buy it, NEVER giving price ... neat man, one of a sort, happy to have had the pleasure. RIP

Karin Tiffany, chef and co-owner, with Bud Tiffany, of Peter's Inn



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