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Mike Preston's matchups to watch for Ravens-Titans

Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan vs Ravens WR Anquan Boldin

Finnegan is a tough and feisty cornerback. He gets extremely physical in press coverage and doesn't mind going nose to nose with receivers. It seems like every game he gets into a fight with some of the game's best wide outs. Boldin is physical as well, and he won't back down from Finnegan. At some point in the game, the two will exchange blows. If they do, take Boldin. He's a pretty tough guy. Edge: Ravens.

Titans kick returner Marc Mariani vs Ravens special teams

Last year, Mariani returned a punt 87 yards and a kickoff 98 yards for touchdowns. He also set up another Titans score with a 73-yard punt return. Against the Steelers last week, the Ravens allowed an average of 34.3 on three kickoff returns. The Titans won't be able to muster a lot of offense against the Ravens, but big plays and the field position battle might swing the game in the Titans favor. Edge: Titans.

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt versus Ravens cornerback Cary Williams

At 6-3 and 215 pounds, Britt is big and physical. He is also deceiving because he can turn short passes into long gains. He has averaged almost 18 yards a reception during his first two seasons in the league. Williams isn't big, but plays that way. He has good recovery speed and has no fear coming up in run support. Britt doesn't mind playing his own version of bump and run down the field. If the Ravens can contain him, they'll have success shutting down the Titans’ passing attack. Edge: Even.

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