Julia Di Bussolo and Hannah Brancato, Mother Made

Years: BFA in Photography 2006, MA Community Arts 2007; BFA Fiber 2007, MFA Community Art 2011 Hometowns: West Chester, Pa.; Newtown, Conn. Up for Sale: Re-usable produce bags, shopping bags and hand-dyed napkins Price Range: $4-$40 With community members Netta Chaney and Natasha Miller, Di Bussolo and Brancato run Mother Made, a cooperatively operated business that produces reusable textile products. Its mission is promoting job training and financial independence for low-income women. Julia: I was inspired to begin Mother Made after hearing about the effectiveness of women-run businesses and microloans in Rwanda. The mothers that I work with in East Baltimore are strong, courageous and creative. Why are we not investing more in the empowerment of women in the United States? Hannah: My goal is to make art and culture that lends itself to community development that highlights powerful women. So, when Julia Di Bussolo and community members from Collington Square/East Baltimore started talking about Mother Made, I was excited to use my skills to help get the business off the ground.
Mother Made
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