Thomas Redmond

Former Anne Arundel County Councilman Thomas Redmond of Pasadena was another target of County Executive John R. Leopold's dossiers. Redmond, reached in Florida, was surprised to hear he had been the subject of political research. "Wow," said Redmond, a Republican and retired business owner. "I didn't know he considered me a political enemy. It's surprising. I don't know what to say right now." The Anne Arundel County Police Department acknowledged on March 14 that a statewide police criminal records database was accessed in order for Leopold to investigate political opponents. The department's "partial response" to a public information request said that the county was withholding records from the Maryland Criminal Justice Information System -- the statewide police database -- on Redmond. The police response was signed by Lt. James Scott Davis, commander of the Office of Professional Standards, who noted that the information kept on Redmond had been provided to the Maryland state prosecutor. It said state law "restricts the dissemination of criminal history record information." It was unclear what information was accessed from the police database, and Redmond said he didn't know what it could have been. The file on Redmond also includes a missing persons flier on his sister-in-law, Betty Irene Redmond, who went missing in 1976 from Pasadena and has never been found. A note attached to the flier says "Missing person. Copy to JRL 10/15/08." The file also includes publicly accessible court information on Redmond's 2004 divorce, as well as a biography from his campaign website, and several bankruptcy filings and civil cases against his business entities. Redmond said he worked in a campaign against Leopold in 1990 when the then-delegate ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate. "He was actually my delegate. I didn't agree with him on a lot of things," said Redmond, who was a Democrat while on the council from 1994 to 1998. "I didn't know that was enough to open a political file on me. I vigorously campaigned against him. I guess he never forgave me. It's a little mind-boggling."
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