Baltimore retailer ordered to stop selling jewelry with lead

A Baltimore retailer has been ordered by city health officials to stop selling a children's ring, necklace and earrings because the items contain dangerous levels of lead.

The Baltimore City Health Department said Tuesday it has issued a nuisance order to Choice Corner on West Lexington St. telling the owners to remove the  jewelry from its shelves because of lead levels above 100 parts per million.  The levels are 900 to 2,400 times what is legally allowed.

The products pose a danger to children's health because the lead levels can cause cognitive impairment and neurological problems. In extreme cases, the exposure can cause death.

“These products sell for $1 each, but they are hardly a bargain. The costs of lead poisoning can last a lifetime,” Commissioner of Health Dr. Oxiris Barbot, said in a statement. “The lead content in these two products is off the charts, making them a significant danger to small children.”

The items sold at the Choice Corner were:

* Blue Kitty Ring with lead levels of 240,000 parts per million

* Silver Rhinestone Kitty Necklace & Earring Set. The necklace clasp contains lead levels of 160,000 parts per million and the necklace charm contains lead levels of 9,800 parts per million.

The items were discovered after the health department ordered testing of five children’s jewelry products purchased from three stores in Baltimore.

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