2. Ben Grubbs really does make a big difference on the offensive line.

Grubbs didn't sugarcoat things when reporters talked to him after the game. His left toe was in considerable pain out there against the Steelers, so much so that the guard could barely push off with it. "It will be all right," he said. "With the pain shots that I took, I was able to make it through the game." Grubbs' presence, however, made things much less painful for the Ravens. Baltimore's pass protection wasn't perfect, especially when you consider James Harrison recorded three sacks, but on a majority of the passes that were called, Flacco had plenty of time to set up in the pocket and scan the field. Just having Grubbs in the game to recognize where blitzes were about to come from, and inform left tackle Bryant McKinnie, made a big difference. "That's a lot of responsibility to put on one person," Grubbs joked when reporters tried to credit him with the improved pass protection. "It's a team win. But hey, I guess I am 2-0 this season." All due respect to Andre Gurode, but Grubbs is simply a better athlete, even if he's playing at 75 percent. Gurode did an admirable thing, filling in the way he did when even though he hadn't played guard in nearly a decade. But imagine how hard it would be to ask Ray Lewis to play defensive end. That's almost the equivalent of what Gurode was being asked to do. If Grubbs' toe can somehow fully heal -- and there is no guarantee he won't still have to miss some games -- it will make a big difference for the Ravens.
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