'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' recap: Episode 4

This week’s interruption of Sunday Night Football is brought to you by drama, drama and more drama.  A Twitter war ensues between Jonathan Cheban and Kim Kardashian. Last week’s dispute between Khloe and Kim remains to be resolved.  And Kris Humphries orders a full keg as he hosts a party for more than “a few” of his friends.

The episode starts with a scene of the family doting over little Mason. This brings Scott and Kourtney to a conversation about religion. Scott ultimately decides that he would like to rediscover his faith and introduce Judaism to his son and family. He meets with a rabbi, curses like a sailor in front of him, and even prepares has a Shabbat dinner deliveredfor friends and family. All the while, Kourtney likens the situation to just another one of Scott’s fads. It reminds her of the time that he wanted to be a race car driver. Scott retorts by telling her that she looks like a bumble bee. Good one, S!

Keeping with the theme of turning over a new leaf, Scott renounces his bad-boy image -- or, tries not to get himself kicked out of the apartment, at least in this episode, anyway. He tries to talk Kris “Hum Dum” Humprhies out of throwing a party while the girls are in L.A. for their Kardashian Kollection appearance at Sears. “Hum Dum” doesn’t listen, and even though the girls ultimately find out what happened, Scott still tries to cover for him. This gets Scott into hot water with Kourtney, but he thinks that everything is kosher. Eventually, Kris confesses to the party and explains that he didn’t expect the party to get so big. Dude, you ordered an entire keg! And about four bottles of vodka! Regardless of his intentions, Kim insists that this cannot happen again. 

Meanwhile, Kim has her own drama to deal with. Before her trip to L.A., Mama K called to inform Kim about the “tell-all” book that Kim’s long-time friend Jonathan Cheban is proposing to publishers. Furious, Kim plans to address this with Jonathan under the guise of “catching up” over dinner. Kim asks for an update on Jonathan’s current projects. In a shameless plug, he runs down his list of projects. I’m sorry, I wasn’t really listening to what they were. And I haven’t heard about them in real life, so I can’t even plug them in here. I’m just waiting for the fight to break out! He leaves out the book, so Kim brings it up. Jonathan says that he forgot to mention that he was writing the book. About the person that’s sitting directly in front of him. Not buying it, Kim storms out. Throughout the episode, the two of them talk trash about each other on Twitter; they ultimately reconcile, and Kim ends up writing the book’s foreword, proclaiming that she and Jonathan are, like, BFFs. Obvi!

The jury is still out on any reconciliation between Kim and Khloe. That remains to be seen.

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