How are you handling the coming crib bumper ban?

The Baltimore Sun

As Andrea Walker reported last week, Maryland is a step closer to being the first state to ban the sale of most crib bumpers due to possible suffocation risk.

When my first child was born in 2008, I didn't bother buying a whole crib set because I had heard about the risks, and I didn't see the need for getting a comforter for a baby anyway. (Had I thought it through, I would have realized that when we started using the crib as a toddler bed, the comforter would have been nice, but we did just fine with blankets. Anyway.)

When my son got his leg stuck in between the crib slats, I invested in a mesh bumper (which is not part of the ban), and wove it through every other slat so there would be no issue of an excess of fabric for him to get tangled in.

Our new son, now 5 months old, makes tracks all over the crib and is often huddled in a corner or against one end. We haven't put the mesh bumper back in yet, but if he bonks his head a bit, we probably will.

What do you think about the state's measures, and what have you done about bumpers in your own home?

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